Mission: To assist people to gain clarity, certainty, and confidence in their lives in order to enhance their lives and thereby enhance their communities.


What Is the Journey of Life Game?


A tool for self-discovery, healing, empowerment, character building

We create healing communities when each of us is empowered and self-aware.

The Journey of Life Game is a thorough, effective, powerful, satisfying and fun way to discover more about yourself and to manage your life more effectively.

I invite you to play the Journey of Life Game. Look within yourself to find your own answers.

Empower yourself to make the best choices for your own life. Experience the freedom of being yourself.

How much clarity, certainty, and confidence will you gain from playing the Journey of Life Game?

To play the Game ...

Call toll free 866-594-4880 to make an appointment with a trained Facilitator.  Allow at least 2 hours to play the game.

We ask $10 for your personal printed copy of the Journal.  If possible, please provide a Love Offering for the Facilitator. 


A Life Experience ...
"I knew more about myself than the other kids did."  

- Ryan    age 15-